What Machines Can I Hire to Enhance My Venue?

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When it comes to investing into extra features and facilities for your venue, there are so many opportunities available. Ultimately, you want to make your venue the best it can possibly be, and invest in things that are going to generate profits, attract more customers as well as keep them entertained and in your venue for longer. 

Here at Horton Amusements, we offer a variety of different machines available for pubs and clubs. We have various different options that you can choose from, with each bringing their own unique appeal. Having one of these machines in your venue is a great way to attract customers as well as boost profits. So, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about the different types of machines you can hire for your venue. 


Fruit machines

Fruit machines are a staple part of pubs and clubs. They are a timeless classic when it comes to gaming facilities and they are popular for offering a cash prize when you strike it lucky, which instantly appeals to your customers. The aim is to match up the fruit symbols when you play so that you can claim the cash prize. The amount of cash available varies depending on the category of machine that you purchase. Each category of machine has different stakes as well as different earning potential, so it is up to you what you would like to offer in your venue. 

Fruit machines are an entertaining facility to your guests and one that offers a lot of fulfillment as well as a desire to win. This will provide hours of entertainment and potentially offer the chance for your customers to win big. At the moment we offer Category B3A, B4 and C fruit machines. Category B3A and B4 machines are exclusively for private member clubs and these come with maximum prizes of £250, £400 or £500. On the other hand Category C machines are available for pubs and bars and offer a maximum prize of £100.


Quiz machines

Quiz nights are always a hit. Hosting a quiz is a fantastic way to keep your customers entertained, and this can also extend the duration in which they stay in your bar or pub. However, with quiz machines, your customers can occupy themselves. This provides a base of entertainment for groups of family and friends to enjoy at their own leisure. Furthermore, quiz machines are a good tool for profiting your business.


Pool tables

Who doesn’t love a game of pool? Pool tables are a great feature to have, particularly for pubs. This can often be a big attraction and certainly a way to keep your customers in the venue for longer. You tend to find that several parties in your venue will really enjoy playing a game of pool together, and often keep going back for more, ultimately keeping them in your bar for longer and therefore spending more money on drinks. 

Furthermore, with a range of pool tables available, you can find something to fit in and match your venue aesthetically. There is a choice of different laminate finishes as well as cloth colours. This can also be accompanied by lighting and we can supply cues, chalk, triangles and more.



Though some people find jukeboxes to be a little bit outdated these days, this is far from the case. In fact, you can now get much more modernised jukeboxes to keep your customers entertained and having a good time with full control over the music played in your venue. We now provide digital touch screen jukeboxes, which are a much more modernised alternative and have thousands of popular tracks installed. This is perfect for creating a great atmosphere in your venue!


Pull tabs

Pull tabs are a machine that is exclusive to members clubs. There are a variety of these machines available and they provide hours of entertainment for members as well as a huge thrill when they win. Furthermore, these machines are also highly beneficial to your business as they are essentially a new revenue stream. They can help generate money for your venue, therefore making pull tabs a great choice of machine to have installed. 

If you would like to know more about any of these machines or are interested in hiring or buying one for your venue, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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