The Key to Keeping Customers in Your Pub for Longer



As a pub owner, it is natural to want to do everything you can in order to keep customers in your pub for longer. The more customer loyalty you gain and the longer people spend in your pub, the higher your profits will be which is the best way to sustain your business and make it thrive. We believe that the key to achieving this is keeping your guests entertained. Having facilities that they can use and enjoy will provide another attractive quality to your venue and ultimately keep your customers in there for longer. 

There are various different machines and games that you can hire for your venue, including fruit machines, jukeboxes, pool tables and more. Hiring these from a leading supplier such as ourselves here at Horton Amusements will provide you with boosted profits and give more appeal to your customers. 


Games machines will attract more customers

Having a games machine, or a jukebox, or a pool table will without doubt attract more customers to your bar. They are great for social occasions and will encourage groups of friends and family to come in and utilise what you have to offer. Furthermore, this is much more likely to keep customers in your pub for longer, as they have more sources of entertainment and enjoyment. 


You can keep your customers entertained in different ways

There are various different machines you can hire for your pub. For example, here at Horton Amusements we provide fruit machines, pull tabs, pool tables, jukeboxes and quiz machines. All of these facilities are a great way to enhance your venue and keep your guests entertained and therefore more inclined to stay for longer. 

Quite often in pubs you will have large groups in attendance. Having games machines in your venue means that you can occupy these parties and provide attraction for them. For example if you have a large group playing on a pool table, they are more likely to continue to start games, and therefore spend longer inside the pub and spending money. No matter what form of entertainment you opt for, this will prove valuable to both you and your customers.


It will also provide you with a new revenue stream

Introducing a games machine to your venue will not only satisfy and entertain customers, but it will also generate money for your business. For as much as the machine is used it is constantly taking money from players, which will as a result be profitable to your business. This makes hiring a machine a very strong investment for your business, as you will reap the rewards of it in the long run. Furthermore, the longer they are in there using the machines, the more money they will spend on buying drinks at the bar. As a pub owner, you could benefit from having a games machine in lots of ways.

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about hiring any of our machines, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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