How a Modern Digital Jukebox Can Create an Atmosphere in Your Venue

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pexels renan bomtempo 768036

Jukeboxes can sometimes be perceived as a little bit old fashioned and out of date. However, this is far from the case! Jukeboxes are a timeless classic, and in this modern day and age there has been a shift in the way jukeboxes are designed and how they function. You will find that a lot of jukeboxes in venues nowadays are digital touch screen versions. Whilst this is great because it is a lot more modernised, it also means that there is a huge backlog of songs for customers to choose from, so you can be sure that people will be able to find their favourite songs and dance the night away!

One of the great things about having a jukebox in your venue is that it can really help to create a better atmosphere and make it more lively and fun. It is something your customers can enjoy, and so we thought we would talk about a few of the reasons why a modern digital jukebox makes a great addition to your venue.


What jukeboxes are and how they became popular

A jukebox is basically a machine that allows you to choose songs to play. Originally, this was operated by money, and when you inserted a coin into the machine it would allow you to make a selection from the variety of music. They first became popular all the way back in the 1950s and mostly started over in America. You would typically find a jukebox in a pub or cafe. It didn’t take long for the surge in popularity, as back then it was a novelty to be able to play music in this way, and so people were fascinated and quickly took a liking to them. 

Around the time of the early 2000s, jukeboxes started to become a little less popular, as they were seen as quite old and outdated. However in more recent years, they have certainly become more popular again as they are vintage which is a very popular trend, and as well as this, you can now get modernised digital versions which seem to have a lot more appeal.


How we have progressed to modern digital jukeboxes

Since jukeboxes were first invented in the mid 1900s, there have been so many technological and digital advancements that naturally we have created a more modernised alternative to the classic jukebox. Instead, now when you go into a pub or club, you will more than likely find a modern digital jukebox, that is touchscreen and has a choice of thousands of songs both new and old.

These modern digital jukeboxes can now be regularly updated via the internet to give customers the choice of the most recent and popular songs. The touchscreen feature allows you to easily browse through the thousands of songs available and play all the latest hits through amplified speakers.


How modern digital jukeboxes can create an atmosphere in your venue

Nothing creates an atmosphere quite as well as music does. Having a modern digital jukebox in your venue means that your customers can take full reign of the music and play all of their favourite songs throughout the night. As a result, this will enhance the enjoyment of their evening and make it more personalised to them. 

Digital jukeboxes get updates all of the time so that they have all the latest hits on them. Therefore, your customers will never be short of choice and will be able to browse through thousands and thousands of songs and choose exactly what they want to listen to. Furthermore, these jukeboxes also come with amplified speakers so the music can be played loud for all to enjoy!

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